wikipedia is wikistupedia project and dangerous

Wiki as a program is responsible for a new way of treating information and organizing discussions and final texts. While nowadays we have to scroll and copy-paste in open mailinglists, discussionbulletins, newsgroups and blogcomments, wiki gives the possibility to work together on the same text and see the immediate effect of each change in the context of the whole adapted text. This makes a discussion much more interesting, easier and prevents some misunderstandings. The wiki software an sich is very diverse and has the possibilities to oblige people to register or to work on a copy of the text before changing the final text (sandbox) and to defend its original texts against spamming and edit-wars. It comes to no surprise that wiki is spreading around the internet like wildfire. In a controlled environnment it gives a site the possibility to have an unique way to organise feedback from customers, members or readers. For encyclopedias, technical works and factual information sites it could give the possilibity to let others correct mistakes or actualise very quickly information that would otherwise take months or even years to publish on paper. These books-of- facts would become this way even more living books of ever expanding intelligence and information. Encarta is moving this way, but I have no doubt that others will follow. This could change the way internet looks and organises interaction and discussion just as instant messenging, webmail and blogs have done.   Read more here http://wildweb.wetpaint.com/page/wikistupedia

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